Agdes Baghirzade

Born in 1975 | Baku, Azerbaijan


1993: Special Music School for Gifted Children named after Bulbul
1999: Business, management and banking, Western University 

The images of Agdas Baghirzade are original and minimalist. Each of them resembles a life that was briefly frozen by a photographer. Paths coated in snow, an empty birdcage, old, imposing gates, and massive rings of chains. Agdas has the ability to select and preserve the most fascinating elements of our surrounding.

Agdes spent some time working at the Israeli embassy in Azerbaijan after graduating from the Bulbul Secondary Music School. She subsequently worked at one of the city's tourism offices before working for a number of different companies. She then learned that she is drawn to the art of photography.
For a while, Baghirzade used an outdated "Zenit" to take her initial photographs. She then purchased Zenit and enjoyed herself for two years. The photographer suddenly took a group of students to a war zone, which led to Agdes's first significant project. The first significant report from there was brought by her. Pictures from this collection are still on display in the Academy of Arts entrance.

She likes to draw mostly architectural works, overlooked details of cities. She is more related to Vivienne Mayer's approach to street photography as well as the two major masters of the genre, French photographers Robert Duan and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Agdes Baghirzada represented Azerbaijan in Venice Biennale 2022, as a part of a group show “Born to be loved”.


From “ The other side of me” series, 2007

From “ Baku then and now” series, 2008

From “ The Murtuz Muhtarov mosque” series, 2013

FromEast Germany” series, 2011