Asmar Alizada

Based Baku, Azerbaijan


Being one of a few contemporary artists working in ceramics, Asmar Alizada portrays stories, fairy tales, and individuals experiencing fear, anxiety, or desire.

Her works made appearances at national and regional museums, Asmar's porcelain works often take the form of a human head or body part, or a faceless volume with a lone nose or ear. They are finished in ethereal glazes, in shades of pastel pink, purple, and blue. Asmar begins her works by collecting images and objects and exploring an archive of materials that belonged to her artist grandmother. She uses these found materials, as well as personal experiences, to develop drawings that become the basis of sculptures.

Image of hooked carpet elements on a ceramic plate, 2022
Diameter of 27 cm

"Illumination" on henna textured paper, 2022
Size A4

A ceramic drinking bowl with a stylized bird image, 2022

"Spring morning" - a ceramic plate made on the basis of a design made on the theme of Shaki, 2021
Diameter of 26 cm
Technique engob-carving