Aydan Mirzayeva

Born in 1992 | Baku, Azerbaijan


2014: Industrial Design, Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts (Baku)

Aydan Mirzayeva is a Baku-based artist working on various forms of art including installation, painting, drawing, photography, video, performance, and readymades (the works of art made from mass-produced objects). Originally trained in industrial design, the artist’s practice with the main focus of Aydan’s work - conceptual art started in 2014 when the artist participated in the “Waste to Art” exhibition held in Azerbaijan. From then on, Aydan has been actively involved in both the local and international art scene by participating in exhibitions, residency programs, and festivals. In the graduation exhibition of the 2017 ARTIM residency participants, Mirzayeva received the top award, which was a residency at YARAT Studios. Mirzayeva participated in the CEC ArtsLink Art Prospect - a residency program in Kyiv, Ukraine. There Aydan mainly focused on the interaction and the relationship between humans and nature, such as one’s (human or nature) relation to another, parallels in both, and their position concerning each other. During their residency, Aydan achieved studying the social context and local communities of Kyiv through the exploration of the mentioned themes. Aydan Mirzayeva works as a Curriculum Leader at European Azerbaijan School for MYP (middle years program) and DP (diploma program) Visual Art.


2019: “On The Tip of Other Tongues” at YARAT Contemporary Art Space, Baku
2018: “Think That Everything That Exists, Does Not Exist” at YAY gallery curated by Anna Fech, Baku (2018)
2017: "Zero" at ARTIM Project Space curated by Faig Ahmed, Baku (2017)
2017: "Female issues: Borderless conflicts" led by the Brazilian curator Sheila Zago, YARAT Studios (2017)
2017: “Who cares?” curated by Farah Alakbarli, ARTIM Project Space, Baku (2017)
2017: “100 % Made in Azerbaijan” curated by Farhad Farzaliyev, ARTIM Project Space, Baku (2017)


"Dialogue", 2019
acrylic and soft pastel on a wood panels

Wood Wide Web, 2018
Artim Project Space, Baku, Azerbaijan.
Soft pastel on wood

"Journey", 2020
3000 x 5000px

Etudes, 2014
Acrylic on paper

Interactive installation, 2017
Exhibition view ARTIM Project Space, Baku