Butunay Hagverdiyev

Born in 1989 | Baku, Azerbaijan

email: butunay.hagverdiyev@gmail.com


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2012: British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow)
2009: Painting, Azim Azimzade art collage

Butunay Hagverdiyev is a trained painter and conceptual sculptor working with diverse genres and media. In 2009, Butunay had been a curator of several exhibitions as well. Even though the artist started fine art education in 2009, his artistic vision and practices go back a long way. One of the early examples of Butunay’s involvement in the art sphere is the painting and restoration of frescoes in an orthodox church from 2003-2008, in Baku. After finishing painting faculty at Azim Azimzade Art Collage, Butunay held his first personal exhibition at Contemporary Art Center in Baku, in 2010. Numerous group exhibitions of importance followed this exhibition in both local and international art spaces (see the exhibitions’ list below). Hagverdiyev’s participation in an art residency at Svalbard Island, Norway, gave a new direction to Butunay’s artistic practice by initiating his work on digital art and large sculpture installations.

Artist’s work is heavily influenced by the personal observation of the space surrounding us - mainly the architecture and nature. Paintings and sculptures made by Butunay Hagverdiyev explore mankind’s already existing and soon-to-be (potential) traces on the natural world. The sculptor persona of Butunay showcases itself in his paintings as well. The artist says “I notice and compare all objects that surround me, from a construction angle”. Reconstruction of the already existing natural objects is a common theme in Butunay’s work. By creating half-mechanical animals, Hagverdiyev reflects the human perception of both natures and themselves - the way humans position themselves in the world amongst all other species, and the industrialization, or in Butunay’s word “humanization” of the earth space. Butunay says that “humanity treats nature as something that they highly understand as if it would be an artificial mechanism that could be corrected or replaced with some other option”. The works also indicate the idea that architecture designed by humans is just an imitation of the architecture present in nature. The mentioned two are combined in the artist's work.

Having integrated nature into art, Butunay also produces pieces that are natural scenes from urban environments (e.g. cars parked on the seashore) and shares them on his social media accounts.

2016: Residency in gallery ''Svalbard'' (Norway)
2015: ''Azerbaijani carpets in art exhibition'' in Cannes festival palace
2014: ''Crossing'' solo exhibition in Q gallery (Baku)
2013: 55th Venice biennale Azerbaijan national pavilion
2013 - The ''International Salon'' in ''ЦДХ'' Central House of Artists (Moscow)
2013: ''Kuknar'' international art contest (Baku)
2013: ''Zavod'' contemporary art exhibition, Yarat (Baku)
2012: ''End of the year show'' Artplay, BHSAD (Moscow)
2012: Group exhibition Legacy in Euro Union embassy (Baku)
2012: ''Situational Sculpture'' group exhibition, Artplay (Moscow)
2011: ''On soz'' contemporary art exhibition, Yarat (Baku)
2010: ''Before, During, After'' Solo exhibition, Contemporary Art Centre (Baku)

2009: ''Yar Ad An'' project, gallery, and space for young artists (Baku)
2009: ''Resonance'' group exhibition, ''Yar Ad An''
2008:  “У Чушь (Flight)” group exhibition, ''Yar Ad An'' gallery


Sand boat 2, 2021
40 x 40 cm
Oil on canvas

2 landscapes with garbage, 2020
Oil on canvas
30x50cm & 30x50cm

Layers of Baku, 2021
Oil on canvas

Abandoned Pirshaghi, 2021
Oil on canvas
40x40 cm

Rusty white Lada
Acrylic & oil on canvas