Eldar Akberov

Born in 1968 | Baku, Azerbaijan

Contact: ak.archiphoto@gmail.com 


Eldar Akberov is a Baku-based photographer who was originally trained as an architect. His involvement in photography traces back to 2010. Eldar works with both digital and film cameras and has a unique style and strict focus on architecture photography. The artist’s work has gained international recognition and exhibited both in Azerbaijan and in foreign countries including the UK, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Austria, and the USA. He has been part of various group exhibitions and shows, and international photo festivals. His photo book named “Déjà vu” has been exhibited in Sotheby’s and gained international recognition and appraisal. The artist has won the 2015 award for Photographer of the Year by the Union of Azerbaijani Photographers.

Examining his work, his photos usually focus on both inanimate and natural objects, architecture, and the compositions created by them, while rarely depicting humans. Topography and the architecture of the places he photographs play a major role in his work. In one of his series, the artist captures the random inanimate objects he found in nature. He later describes it as a natural process of objects involuntarily becoming art-object and situations, using their original use and value. His photos do not only exhibit the object, but the relationship between them with their surroundings, and each other. Naturally curated compositions, shadows, and negative spaces play a key role in his work. The artist also captures visually pleasing moments from the empty and in a sense lonely beaches, and other landscapes that are usually full of people.


2012: A Collective Exhibition "Azerbaijan In A Lens", London, Uk.
2014: International Exhibition "Innervisions", Moscow, Rus.
2014: Shortlist "Festival Of The Street Photo" , Moscow, Rus.
2015: International Exhibition "Innervisions": Minsk, Bel / Kostroma, Rus / Tallin, Est / St. Petersburg, Rus / Moscow, Rus / Tyumen, Rus /Joint Project With Sonospace.org, London, Uk.
2015: Prezentation Of The Book " Deja Vu" , Moscow, Rus.
2015: Prezentation Of The Book " Deja Vu" , Baku, Az. 
2015: Book Fair " Deja Vu " , St. Petersburg, Rus.
2015: Book Fair " Deja Vu " , Tbilisi Triennial, Geo. 
2015: 6 Annual Self-published Photobook Exhibition, Davis Orton Galleri, New York, Usa. 2015
2015: Griffin Museum Of Photografi, Massachsetts, Usa.
2015: Photogropher Of The Year By Unity Of Azerbaijani Photographers , Winner Of "Gold Arqus" , Baku, Az. 
2016: Bedsitter Art Fair, Vienna, Aust. 2016 ........
2016: Shortlist "Festival Of The Street Photo" , Moscow, Rus.
2016: Kolga Tbilisi Photo, Shortlist Nomination Conceptual
2016: "Kyiv Art Week " , Kyiv , Ukr. 2016 ......
2016: Yarat, Artim, " In Thes City Of Bright Fires" , Baku , Az


From “New topography after pandemic” project

From “New topography after pandemic” project