Elmeddin Aliyev

Born in 1984 |Lachin, Azerbaijan

Based Baku, Azerbaijan


2005: Filmmaking, Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts

Elmaddin Aliyev was born in Lachin. He studied at the International Film School of Rustam Ibrahimbayov (2007-2010). He is the author of one of the 10 best short feature films in the UNICEF Youth and Peace Short Film Project (2002). As a director, Elmaddin was a participant and winner of international film festivals. On the occasion of "Youth Day", he was awarded a diploma by the Ministry of Youth and Sports for outstanding performance in the field of cinema (2008). Aliyev worked as a director on Space TV and ITV. He is one of the co-founders and executives of Exa Production. In 2014, the Cinematographers Union of the Republic of Azerbaijan awarded the directors Elmeddin Aliyev and Khayyam Abdullayev with Humai Award for the film "Maria". He directed several films including ‘Ilk neftin pariltisi’, ‘Nefes’, ‘Koramal’, ‘Qara qutu’, ‘Sevgi etirafi’, ‘Ag qan’, ‘Omur yolu’, ‘Meryem’ and so on.


2006: The film "Shine of the First Oil" won a special award for "original solution of the film" at the 6th International Audiovisual Festival (Baku).
2009: "Koramal" at the 14th 2NANNAS International Film Festival "Special Mention" (Riga / Latvia),
2009: Special Mention at the 8th International Docufest Festival (Prizren / Serbia)
2009: “Special Mention” at the 7th Start International Student Film Festival (Baku)
2009: "Best Cinematography" at the 3rd STEPS International Film Festival (Ukraine)
2010: It was awarded the "Best Feature Film" (Iran) at the 4th Rahmat International Film Festival.
2007: "Breath" was named "Best Feature Film" at the 7th International Audiovisual Festival (Baku).
2009: "Best Director's Work" at the 3rd STEPS International Film Festival (Ukraine).


“The Grass Snake”, 2009
Full film available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9kWtrnCf-A

“White blood”, 2012
14 minutes

“Okhsharabad”, 2019
1 hour 31 minutes

The full film is available here:https://youtu.be/0qnN-brBv_s

“Maryam”, 2014
39 minutes 21 seconds

The full film is available here: https://youtu.be/y5dk0sU-hq8