Emin Mathers       

Born in 1990 | Baku, Azerbaijan

Contact: eminmathers@gmail.com


2011:  Interior Design, Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University

Emin Mathers is a photographer mainly focused on street and sometimes documentary photography. Despite being particularly invested in photography, the artist has also experimented with video, light installations, and illustration in the past. Emin’s involvement in photography traces back to 2009 - his final year of studies in Interior Design. Mathers sees and uses art as a tool of exploration, observation, and documentation for capturing the moments, sometimes together with the essence of these moments.

"Photography for me is the simple evidence that the moment I lived is real, an opportunity to collect and share an honest visual experience." is a direct quote from the artist's website. The visual experiences of the artist consist of the daily life, activities, and sometimes habits of people. Alongside using humans as a central object in his art, from time to time, Emin also captures their surroundings only - places the people live, work and walk by. The artist also works with Chai-Khana media to contribute to the platform that aims to cover stories from South Caucasus.

Emin Mathers is also a co-founder of “f 3.7 union” (see: Sharaf Naghiyeva for another co-founder) where they organize exhibitions, share photography reviews and explore and shed light on the work of local photographers.

Exhibitions and Events

2020: London Street Photography Fest 2020 / Single photograph contest finalist
2020: LSPF 2020 / LONDON / 30.08.2020

Pop up exhibition series:
2021: Author talk & Pop up exhibition @Baku Book Center / BSPF /
2021: Pop up exhibition @Baku Photography House /
2021: Pop up exhibition @UCB /
2021: Pop up exhibition @F3.7union Space /
2021: Pop up exhibition @Handicraft Baku / 
2021: Pop up exhibition @Tor, O BIRI OTAQ / Lankaran, Azerbaijan /


From “Eastern Portal” project, 2021
Baku, Azerbaijan

Harmony & chaos, 2020
Monoprint (edition of 1)
2x 30X42 cm plotter print
2in1 Passepartout
White frame

Soul, 2021
Monoprint (edition of 1)
20X25 cm plotter print on glossy paper
White glossy frame

Xazar, 2020
C-type print
50 X 77 cm