Fidan Akhundova

Born in 1989 | Baku, Azerbaijan

Based in Berlin, Germany



Education:2020: Study in the University of Applied Sciences "Education in early childhood"
2016: Master of fine arts degree in Alanus University of Arts and social sciences.
2013: Bachelor degree in Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Art

Filmmaker and illustrator Fidan Akhundova comes from Baku, Azerbaijan. She received a bachelor's in illustration from the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts. She moved to Germany in 2014 after being awarded a DAAD scholarship and completed her graduate studies at the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences. Fidan decided to study a bachelor's in education at Potsdam University after reevaluating the significance of art in social change while studying graduate studies in South Africa and Romania. She produced her first animated film in 2020, and it took home two awards in Azerbaijan.

2021: “Female Voice of Afghanistan” 
2020:  “The Crow“

2022:: 59th Art Biennale Venice. Azerbaijan Pavilion "Saltation". Venice, Italy
2020: Solo Exhibition "Portraits" . Cafe Tasso, Berlin Germany
2018: Solo Exhibition "Portraits" . Cafe Tasso, Berlin Germany
2018: Group exhibition in the PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery. Milan, Italy
2017: "Music in Stone" 2nd International Stone Symposium Baku, Azerbaijan
2017: "Pomegranate & Feuerberg" in Kleinsassen, Germany
2016: Sculpture Symposium Memmingen, Germany
2016: Group exhibition "much MANY" in Scheunen Gallery, Wesseling.
2016: Group exhibition "Places and Spaces" in the Bunker, Cologne.Germany
2015: Group exhibition "Unter dem Tellerrand" Frauenmuseum Bonn, Germany
2015 - Biennial Book Art Weimar, Germany
2015 - Group exhibition in the art and museum library. Ludwig Museum Cologne, Germany
2015: Group exhibition " The Factory The Church The Castle" In the Gallery "Fabrik 45" Bonn, Germany.
2015: Group exhibition in Cologne Sülz children's home "Errinerungsorte" Cologne , Germany
2012: “Password unknown” group exhibition in Gallery " Center of modern art " Baku, Azerbaijan.
2012: Group exhibition at the “Union of Azerbaijan Artists"
2011: Group exhibition in Uzbekistan.
2011: “Catharsis” group exhibition in the "Center of modern art" Baku, Azerbaijan.


“Café Feurbach“, 2019
100 cm x 140 cm

“Saltation”, 2022
50 cm x 19 cm

“Lily”, 2020
12 cm

Selfportrait 2, 2012
Oil on paper karton
60 cm x 60 cm

Cover, 2013
Ofort/ akvatinta/ lavis/ red chalk
23 cm x 33 cm