Gunel Ravilova

Born in 1981 | Baku, Azerbaijan


2008: International Law, Diplomatic University
2002: Accounting and Audit, Financial and Economic College

Gunel Ravilova grew up in a cosmopolitan environment in a supportive family of artists, consisting of her mother - Mastanova Fatma, her father Mastanov Azer. She completed high school, after that she graduated from Financial and Economic College (Accounting and Audit) and Diplomatic University (International Law).

She has attended different training courses in Graphic Arts and Painting. Her lovely parents, who taught her basics and the initial knowledge of painting and graphics, had a significant influence on Gunel. They always cherished her and tried to support and motivate Gunel since early childhood. She took painting lessons in a home studio from her parents- artists. This gave her further confidence in her artistic potential and convinced her to move ahead. Since early childhood, when she was 3-4 years old, Gunel participated in various exhibitions and art programs. Her first personal exhibition was held when Gunel studied at primary school.

In 2009 she became a member of the Union of Young Artists of Azerbaijan. Since 2011 she has been a member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan (the Painting section). Since 2014 she has become a member of the Association of International Artists-Activists. Since 2016 Gunel has been a member of “SIMURG” the Creative Association of the Union of Creative People. Since 1998 to current, Gunel has successfully participated in many exhibitions. She also was awarded first place at the Exhibition called “Violence against women”. Her eye-catching paintings exposed at various exhibitions were awarded first places and gained a lot of honored prizes and diplomas.
Gunel’s work was awarded the first place diploma at the contest called “Paint Your Scarf", arranged by the Menzer Hajiyeva Fashion House. Gunel has exhibited in both private galleries and museums located in different foreign countries, her works are also available in private collections, and after the World Art Games organization’s exhibition held in Croatia as well.

Gunel first exhibited her paintings in her home city- Baku. As word of her works spread, she found herself invited to exhibit in various foreign cities and countries, such as Turkey, Italy, Latvia (Riga), Austria, France (Paris), Australia, Mexico, and so on. Gunel continued to exhibit not only in Azerbaijan but in some foreign countries as well. In 2014 her work called "Artletka" participated in an exhibition held in Palermo(Italy) and Paris (France). An exhibition called "Races", dedicated to tolerance was held in Austria, in 2015. Gunel’s painting was awarded the prize. Gunel is proud of having the pleasure of participating in three exhibitions that have been arranged in the Louvre museum in Paris within the last few years. In 2016 Gunel’s works were exhibited at “The Nariman Narimanov” metro station (Baku). Currently, Gunel is an artist and artist in accessories. Since received first place in exhibitions held by the Union of Artists of Russia.

Solo exhibitions:
2005: Solo Exhibition, Italy.
2009: Solo Exhibition, Turkey, Antalya.
2017: Solo Exhibition «Smell of Woman», “Amsterdam” Exhibition Venue
2017: Taste of Coffee.
2022: Personal exhibition "Woman's Love", Room Baku

Duet exhibitions
with Vusal Rahim “Esli and Kerem - House N 9"
Exhibitions (participation):
2009: Azerbaijan Union of Artists.
2010: Museum Center, «Self-Portrait».
2010: Azerbaijan Union of Artists.
2010: Azerbaijan Union of Artists.
2011: Azerbaijan Union of Artists.
2011: Gunel’s work was awarded as the best one and got First Degree Diploma, at an exhibition called “Violence Towards Women”.
2011: “Improvisation”, Arts Consul.
2012: Expo dedicated to Tea Traditions 
2012: Arts Consul. "Female Silhouette".
2012: Azerbaijan Union of Artists. «The Spring Came”.
2012: Creative Center.
2012: Kapellhaus. “Germany by Artists eyes”.
2012: Azerbaijan Union of Artists. “Khodjalı”
2012: Baku Creative Center. “New Season”.
2012: Museum Center. "Art Sport".
2012: “The Khodjali tragedy”
2012: “Art Council” Gallery. “Impression”.
2012: The Sumgait Art Center. “Impression”.
2012: Museum Center. "The Secrets of the Venetian Masks”.
2013: Museum Center. “The Trade Mark”.
2013: Art Museum.
2013: The Azerbaijan Independence Museum.
2013: The Baku Creative Center, “The Azerbaijan Art Festival-2013”.
2013: Croatia, The World Art Games (WAG Organization).
2013: The Baku Creative Center, “The Autumn Sketches”
2013: The National Museum. The Expo called “I am proud to be the Azerbaijani” 
2013: “The LN Creative Center” By the Young Artists Eyes - the Khodjali Tragedy”.
2014: Baku Expo Center. Exhibition of the creative works of the children and young people on the theme “Water “held within the frame of 2nd Caspian International Exhibition & Conference.
2014: Evlakh, Ter-Ter “Sar Sang River”.
2014: Park Boulevard Mall.” The Fire”
2014: ”Baku” Gallery. “The Flowers” Exhibition ".
2014: House Museum of Heydar Aliyev. Exhibition devoted to 91st anniversary of Heydar Aliyev.
2014: The Museum of Azerbaijan. Young Artists Exhibition “Coloring “.
2014: Azerbaijan Union of Artists. Art Exhibition & Sale.
2014: “Art Villa” Gallery – Plein Air Exhibition "The Eastern Fairy Tale".
2014: Art Expo " Independence Day" EmArt Stydy.
2014: The Azerbaijani Artists in Riga, “The Eastern Woman”.
2014: “Azerbaijani Art Festival-2014”, held in Gandja, Gazakh, Agstafa, Astara, Lerik, Lenkoran and on the territory of 10 other regions of Azerbaijan.
2014: The Baku Creative Center. “The Azerbaijani Art Festival-2014”.
2014: 1st place at the contest called “Paint Your Scarf", organized by The Menzer Hajiyeva Fashion House
2014: Baku Expo Center “The Peace”, exhibition arranged in the frame of 1st Azerbaijan International Defense Industry Expo.
2014: “The Contract of the Century” SOCAR.
2014: Palace of the Shirvanshahs. “The Pomegranate Tree”
2014: Park Boulevard Mall. “Pomegranate”.
2014: The National Flag Museum
2014: “No to Drag” Exhibition.
2014: Museum Center. “The Ancient Azerbaijan”.
2014: Contemporary Art Expo Center. “The Traditional Art Evolution”, “Evolution of Motherhood”.
2014: Participant of the International Association of Painters Activists Cafe Media UASB 
2014: The First European Paris Biennale. Exhibitions in Paris and Palermo.
2015: Exhibition at ART Tavern.
2015: “Yeni” Gallery, “The Red Planet”.
2015: Contemporary Art Center, “Peace”.
2015: “Natavan” Gallery, “Apple”.
2015: Exhibition dedicated to oil paints.
2015: Contemporary Art Museum.
2015: Museum Center. Exhibition devoted to Solidarity Day.
2016: “Colors of Conflict” Art Exhibition within the framework of project “Impact of conflicts on social life and youth activities” organized by “The Great Silk Way” International Youth Union.
2016: Azerbaijan Union of Artists.
2016: The Khatai Art Center.
2016: Diplomatic University. “No to Terror!”.
2016: Art Gallery. Exhibition & Sale.
2016: “Natavan” Gallery.” Sea Breeze”
2016: “Art Council” Gallery. Plein Air. “The National Treasures”.
2016: ADEX, “Tolerance. Peace”
2016: Art Shopping. Caruselle de Louvre, France, The Louvre Museum.
2016:. Azerbaijan Union of Artists. “For Peace”.
2016: 1st June, 2017. – Metro Gallery. Three works were exposed at “ Nariman Narimanov” metro station.
2016: Azerbaijan Union of Artists. “We are right”.
2017: “Art Villa” Gallery. Plein Air.
2017:- “The Bird House” project.
2017: Port Baku Mall. “The Baku Ports”.
2017: ISR Plaza Hotel. Handmade works and souvenirs exhibition.
2017: Azerbaijan Union of Artists. “The Islamic Games”.
2017: Artim. Contest.
2017: Art Gallery. «Un jour en France».
2017: HYATT REGENCY HOTEL. Kish-Mish Club, Exhibition & Presentation of Artists’ works.
2017: Krisperi La Cantina. Exhibition devoted to Frida Kahlo.
2017: “XXI st Century” Gallery. “Pomegranate” the International Innovative Training Center 
2017: Exhibition devoted to 10th anniversary of Sattar Bakhlulzadeh. Amirdjan settlement.
2017: The Khatai Creative Center. “We are for peace”.
2018: The Azerbaijan State Theater of the Young Spectators (ASTYS). “20th January”.
2018: Exhibition & Sale at ABAD.
2018: Interview at “Azer Tac TV”
2018: “Art Tower” Gallery, Plein Air. “Sweden”.
2018: Mugham Center, Exhibition of artworks devoted to jazz.
2018: Exhibition at Embassy of Sweden
2018: PleinAir, “Netherlands”.
2018: ADEX 2018 3- International Defense Exhibition- to Baku Expo Center
2018: "Xezer-160" - place: Museum Center.
2018: Exhibition of Teachers - Art Academy.
2018: Workshop - exhibition dedicated to Uzeyir Hajibeyov, Art Tower
2018: Duet exhibition "Esli and Kerem House N 9" - place: 27qm - Tarana's Small Gallery and Café.
2019: An international exhibition dedicated to March 8 with the participation of artists from 8 countries, held in Turkey, Karadeniz Eregli.
2019: Exhibition dedicated to Multiculturalism. Mugam Center
2019: International Plein Air. city Gazakh.
2019: City Art. Architectural project. Nur Art Gallery
2019: International Festival "Meeting Place". Modern Museum of Art.
2019: Exhibition dedicated to Sattar Bahlulzade. Amirajan artists. Amirajan 
2019: "Aluminum Biennale". Palace of the Shirvanshahs.
2019: Exhibition dedicated to the world. Mexico.
2019: Theater decorator in the play "Winter's Tale". Heydar Aliyev Palace.
2019: "City Art". Decorate your city. Architectural project. 3 prize place.
2020: Discussion on the topic "The Beauty of the 21st Century". Cultures of cultures. Anti cafe 
2020: A project dedicated to the Khojaly Genocide at the initiative of Leyla Aliyeva. Cities: Bilasuvar, Guba, Ganja, Istanbul, Ankara, Georgia, Moscow, Baku.
2020: Gazelli Art House, master class and interview with the artist.
2020: "Dyarin", a modern art project with the participation of 5 artists - Art Space Club. Online exhibition.
2020: Description of the changing woman: art against the patriarch. Caixana project. Internet exhibition.
2021: Presentation of an honorary member of ANIA.
2021: Gazelli Art House Baku - meeting with the artist.
2021: Contemporaries - Friends of Art 4 - Artists Ellada Ismail and Gunel Ravilova discuss academic art, the world of commercial art, women in their paintings and the problems women face in Azerbaijan.
2021: Online Exhibition of the Municipality of Taurus (Turkey).
2021: "Musical project dedicated to the memory of the victims of Khojaly", organized by the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society of Muslim Magomayev Adin.
2021: Ceremony of planting a pomegranate tree by honorary members of ANIA "Pomegranate Garden at Gala" in the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum Complex Gala, organized by ANNIA.
2021: Virtual exhibition "Seven beauties" dedicated to March 8 - International Women's Day as part of the "Year of Nizami Ganjavi".
2021: Turkey, in the city of Mersin Online painting exhibition "BEING A CHILD IN CHANAKKAL", organized by the art association "USART"!
2021: Turkey, "Big Possibilities of Small Hands" "USART"
2021: Turkey, "Exhibition dedicated to the memory of the Great Ataturk," USART "
2021: Diploma and 3rd place at the International exhibition and competition of portrait painters "Art-Portrait" in Moscow, held in the Congress Hall "Danilovsky".
2021: V International Festival of Arts "Nakhchivan - Cradle of Humanity". Plein air - Exhibition at the Union of Artists of Nakhichevan.
2021: Opening of the exhibition "Sustainable fashion: the future of textiles", Baku Museum of Stone Chronicle, organized by "Azerkhalcha" in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden, Installation - "Expectations".
2021: Milan, Italy, Mail Art exhibition, 3 competitive works. International Exhibition of Postal Art - "Trees and Fireflies" at the Municipal Library of the Red Church at 3 San Domenico Savio Street - Milan
2021: International Festival of Feelings and Erotic Arts "ART-LOVE", 1st place with the competition work "Fornication", abstract painting competition.
2021: Open All-Russian Festival of Poetry and Art "ART POETRY", 1st place, competition work "A woman who loves poppies", competition section - "Avant-garde painting", nomination - "Poetic Abstractions".
2021: "Today's artist" Heydar Aliyev Palace, exhibition-interview.
2021: "Autumn Victory", an exhibition dedicated to the Victory Day, State Historical and Architectural Reserve "Temple of Ateshgah".
2021: Exhibition dedicated to the Victory Day and the 112th anniversary of the great Sattar Bahlulzade. IV online exhibition of Amirajan Artists.
2021: The Victory Exhibition was held at the Heydar Aliyev Center of the Yasamal District Executive Power.
2022: The exhibition "Justice for Khojaly" was held in Georgia on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Khojaly genocide.
2022: International Exhibition-Competition of Animal Art "Catomania", Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg. The title of the work is "With Love".
2022: My work "Catwoman" on the cover of "Gobustan" magazine.
2022: Charity event in support of the operation of 3 seriously ill children in need of an expensive surgical intervention at the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum.
2022: Exhibition project "Sustainable Fashion", Khirdalan City Cultural Center.
2022: International Exhibition-Competition of Animal Art "Catomania", Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg. The title of the work is "With Love".
2022: Art Zone Masalli - Exhibition at Masalli Cultural Center
2022: Exhibition and sale of Four Seasons Hotel Baku, organized by the Ministry of Culture.
2022: Exhibition "Children of War" with the support of the Embassy of Ukraine in Azerbaijan and LeylaKhazary Art Gallery.
2022: National art music of Azerbaijan - installation "Waiting" at the event "Night at the Museum".
2022: "My Seas, My Oceans" (My Seas, My Seas) is organized in Geneva at the initiative of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the IDEA Public Association (International Environmental Dialogue) with the support of the UN office in Geneva. and the Permanent Mission of Azerbaijan to the UN office in Geneva. my oceans).
2022: Vl Art Zona Week Tovuz
2022: Exhibition on the ship Surakhani "Towards the sea".
2022: July 12-22 Shusha Symposium "Shusha Camp".
2022: Art Plein Air Karvan Art Group, Shamakhi-Ismayilli
2022: Personal exhibition "Love of a Woman", Room Baku

“Seven sins of mankind. Sloth”, 2021
Oil on canvas
70 x 120 cm

The girl who loved the monster, 2022

"I'm 7", 2022