Habib Saher

Born in 1986 | Tehran, Iran

Based in Baku, Azerbaijan


2018: Contemporary arts: marketing, sales and collecting, IESA arts and culture (MBA)
2013: Sculpture, Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts (master)
2010: Faculty of Sculpture, Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts (bachelor)
2003: Sculpting course, Azimzadeh Art College

Baku-based young artist Habib Saher is now living in Paris, France. He studied for both bachelor's and master's degrees at the Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts. Habib had so many groups and solo exhibitions in Baku, Azerbaijan, Paris, France, and Berkeley, California.

Solo exhibitions, “I dreamed I was asleep” (2017) and “This too shall pass” (2016), were exhibited in IESA la Gallerie and Artim art space respectively. Furthermore, the artist showed his masterpieces in group exhibitions like 300 Words on Resistance, Semeni international art exhibition, Reflection art exhibition, the feast Caspian art exhibition, Zavod contemporary art exhibition, and fall group exhibition in Academy of Arts, Germany in three colors.

The show 'This Too Shall Pass' pulls motivation from a variety of practices, notably sand mandala practice and Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyat, to ponder the ephemerality of existing, the certainty of death, and the magnificence of that brief span known as life. The artist uses sculpture as a metaphor for all things corporeal, presenting a body of work that will decompose during the exhibit. In the same tradition as 1960s Auto-Destructive art, the artist wishes to question the notion of art as a commodity and emphasize its psychological and intellectual potential. Art, he believes, should be an experience rather than a product. As a result, Habib chose to create some artwork that is simply an experience and cannot be turned into a product afterward, while simultaneously expressing nature's mortality. By the end of their exhibition period, the artist's works would be self-destructed. As a result, each of the paintings in his personal exhibition would have its own lifetime. They would live and die during the period they were supposed to be on display. The works' spirit was founded on his lifelong reflections on our existence and our relationship with time. That is how we are granted our time on this planet and how we should value it.


“I dreamed I was asleep” solo exhibition, 2017
IESA la galerie, 1 Cité Griset 75011
Paris, France

Always Here Installation, 2013
Neon on Other
800 W x 200 H x 400 D cm

The Feast Installation, 2013
Installation, Neon on Glass
300 W x 150 H x 200 D cm

Maid Sculpture, 2010
Sculpture, Marble on Marble
30 W x 72 H x 30 D cm