Hatem Alizade

Born in 1991 | Baku, Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts

In addition to graduating from the Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts, the young artist Hatem Alizadeh attended master classes by Teymur Daini and Sabina Shikhlinskaya. Moreover, he is the artistic director of Youth Network. Hatem had so many exhibitions, and projects which were conducted by Yarat Contemporary Art Space. Examples of such projects are the Children Festival Let’s Unit, the Secrets of the House group exhibition, the Dysphonia group exhibition, the one-day final exhibition called 100% Made in Azerbaijan, the Imaginary Strangers group exhibition, and the 24-hour Zero exhibition. 

In the Secrets of the House group exhibition, "Abode of the Unborn," by Hatem Alizade, expanded his perspective on the subject by showing a "would-be" life of an unborn kid. Meanwhile, Hatem had considered various factors that could lead a lady to take such a drastic step in her life.

In the Dysphonia group exhibition, the artist investigated the topic of information overflow and how digital usage had caused more uncertainty than understanding. Numerous books, newspapers, periodicals, and internet media make it easy to solve any issue anywhere and at any time. Still, Hatem pointed out that ideas are soaring rather than remaining anchored. The installation also highlighted how traditional information media has lost its meaning and is now only used for aesthetics.

The artists were driven to revert to minimalism and concentrate on the materiality of everyday items by the 100% Made in Azerbaijan one-day final exhibition, which included only works manufactured using local materials.

In the Imaginary Strangers group exhibition, the performance of Hatem Alizadeh's "You will be! Perfect" explores how humans construct others by binding, stuffing, and shaping them to fit into their own fantasies and assumptions. It begs the topic of how further we embrace individuals as they are, and how far we are even able to see the multiple levels of someone's character without imprisoning them and claiming ownership of this flawless image.


From ‘Secrets of the House’ group exhibition
ARTIM Project Space, Baku, Azerbaijan

Artists are Mehriban Shamsadinskaya, Zohrab Salam-zadeh, Hatem Alizade and Gafar Rzayev