Mehriban Shamsaddinskaya

Born in 1990 | Baku, Azerbaijan


2017: Azerbaijan ornaments from past to now, Azerbaijan State Academy of Art (master)
2014: MA Fine Art History, Azerbaijan State Academy of Art (master)

2012: Advertising and Graphic design, Azerbaijan State Academy of Art (bachelor)

Although Mehriban graduated from music school while studying at Classical Gymnasium No. 160, she had many opportunities to develop herself creatively. For her, all types of art are interconnected, and synthesis is critical. Artist has written some literary works, as well as musical works. She thinks that she will be able to create a project with a certain concept thanks to them.

Mehriban has been and continues to be trained by outstanding educators. She has always been creative. Before entering the Academy of Arts, she worked at Dilara Atakishiyeva's Da'Art children's studio. After entering the Academy, she studied with teachers such as Mirza Aga Gafarov.

At the beginning of her career, like any artist, Mehriban sought herself, her style, color, compositional solution, theme, and technique. The artist is interested in every event in art, constantly studying art, biographies, and works of artists. For her, subsequent work can be created under the influence of certain trends, and directions of art. In abstractionism, her favorite thing is that the spectator tries to learn every detail of it, and everyone can find something in it. She thinks that intellectual development is important, and always emphasizes the need to do it without stopping, to study art.

Shemseddinskaya always emphasizes the meaning of the plot in her paintings. Mehriban first used it in a solo exhibition called "Violet", when the cards in the pictures looked like the keys to the plots of her work, she shared her creative concept, which aroused interest among the audience.

In 2010, her work "Solitude in a Cage" won the competition "I have two worlds" in the category "Best Technical treatment". With the help of Teas, she took part in the "Novruz" exhibit in London in 2011. In June 2013, the artist participated in the "From Waste to Art" exhibition with three installations: "Broken clock," "Tangled canvases," and "Forbidden City," and in 2014, Mehriban attended three "From Waste to Art" exhibitions with Installation "Dots." Her "Blind Society" piece was realized in October 2013 as part of the YARAT-organized "ZAVOD" Artim exhibit. The triptych "Nations' Pain – Empty Veins," devoted to the national catastrophe Xocali, was gratefully handed to the Museum of Independence. In addition, several of her works are placed in the Health Center, where she volunteered as an art therapist.

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“BAKU”, 2021
Oil on canvas
150*100 cm

Summer heat Painting, 2020
Painting, Acrylic on Canvas
80 W x 100 H x 0.1 D cm

My angel Painting, 2019
Painting, Acrylic on Canvas
70 W x 100 H x 4 D cm

The Ethnic project (Ships of my imagination ), 2016
Drawing, Acrylic on Canvas
150 W x 100 H x 6 D cm

Witness of Age ( Buttons) (series), 2015
Installation, Digital on Cardboard
100 W x 150 H x 3 D cm