Nadir Babayev
Born in 1985 | Baku, Azerbaijan


2008: State Academy of Sports and Physical Culture

2004: Art Collage named Azim Azimzade

Nadir is the owner of the NadirShakhFineArt. He spent his entire youth surrounded by artistic professionals, seeing numerous exhibitions and witnessing the value of paintings. Rene Magritte, Max Ernst, Salvador Dali, and impressionist masters influenced the artist.

Nadir began his profession as an artist in 2009. Subsequently, he engaged in penciling, wall graffiti, glass painting, ultraviolet and phosphor painting, leather art, visual art, and other activities. Since then, the artist has produced numerous works in various forms, including surrealism, abstraction, fantasy, impressionism, and abstract surrealism.

He had various exhibitions, including a group exhibition at Azerbaijan artists union in 2013, a personal art exposition at Baku Roasting Company, Yarat Contemporary art space "Invasion Museum Project" in 2014, 25 gallery "Shoe exhibition" at LandMark Skybar Baku in 2017, group exhibition at Art Tower Gallery Baku in 2018. Moreover, Nadir has lots of mysterious masterpieces. He associates the expanse of the Sahara with a dry ocean, which conceals many mysteries, in "Whales of Sahara," an oil on canvas. Oil on canvas, "African animal world."; The colorful animal world of Africa is shown in this piece. "African Woman" is an oil on canvas depiction of a continent, a people, and a legacy. It has a lot of concealed characters in it. The work's singularity is that spectators are constantly introduced to new characters.

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“Whales of Sahara”, 2021
Oil on canvas
50×80 cm

“African animal world”, 2019
Oil on canvas
120×140 cm

Betta Fishes Painting, 2021
Painting, Digital on Other
100 W x 70 H x 0.1 D cm

Powerful Azerbaijan Painting, 2020
Painting, Oil on Canvas
100 W x 80 H x 2 D cm

Painting, Oil on Canvas
95 W x 70 H x 2 D cm