Naila Dadashzadeh

Born in 1998 Baku, Azerbaijan

Based in Baku, Azerbaijan

2021: Visual Arts,Instituto Europeo Di Design

Naila is passionate about the endless possibilities of life and everything else, as well as their discovery and the artistic outcomes that result from them. She adopts very very well in any workplace. She puts just as much passion into her job whether she is working alone or with others. She developed excellent communication skills throughout the years, enabling her to collaborate with a wide range of people and achieve the desired results regardless of the situation. She also has the ability to think up original answers to any issues or questions. 
She worked on several movies as a production assistant, best boy, gaffer, assistant set designer, photographer, and second and third assistant cinematographer. She also served as a judge for the Baku 2022 Queer Art Festival. Besides that, she got 2nd place at the Queer art festival in Azerbaijan.

“When i connect with surroundings and my inner self from that is born what i create.” by Naila Dadashzadeh

Exhibitions: 2017: Fine art exhibition in an art café Prague
2019: Installation and photographic exhibition in an art space Milan
2022: Collective exhibition on Post Post


Transcending time, 2022

    KHILAS, 2022

   Visual Protest, 2022