Natavan Vahabova

Based in Baku, Azerbaijan


Education:Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts

Natavan Vahabova uses the photographic medium to depict scenes of spontaneity, where the young subjects are staged in explicit poses. Natavan carefully choreographes the compositional arrangement, natural make-up and mise-en-scène, all of which straddle between meticulous intentionality and momentary inspiration. Despite the playful and colourful scenes filled with young and beautiful bodies, her images portray human conditions filled with loneliness and vulnerability.

She has been an active member of the Azerbaijani Union of Photographers since 2004. She has won numerous regional and global awards, including the 2014 international "My Country in the Eastern Partnership" photography competition. In 2012, the Pall Mall Gallery in London, United Kingdom, held a photography competition called "Azerbaijan Through the Lens." More recently, Yay Gallery in Baku, Azerbaijan, held a group show of modern photography in 2018. Her photography has been included in Baku, Aile, and Passage magazines, and it was also included in the Austrian photo book "Children." Her commercial work is highly regarded and sought after. For the Azerbaijani jewelry company Resm, the interior and lifestyle design firm Chelebi, and the fashion label MMMDN (Ma Mère m’a dit Non), she has produced editorial photography.

The portraits are personal and unvarnished, showing the artist's innermost thoughts. In her documentary photography, she concentrates on the minute elements of daily life, such as light and shadow, texture, and perspective adjustments, highlighting the emotional core of her subjects with subdued, nostalgic color tones. People are depicted in her work as distinct individuals who relate to their surroundings with dignity and presence since they each have a unique narrative to tell. She captures both play and social interactions as well as quiet times of thought and introspection.


Sisters, 2020

Kerenor, 2022

Mother and daughter, 2020

Leyla, 2020

Diana, 2020