Nazrin Mammadova

Born in 1989 | Kutaisi, Georgia

2012:  Bachelor of Arts, The British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow (Honors degree)     

Throughout her education, Nazrin Mammadova attended photography courses and joined the Azerbaijan Photographers' Union in 2012. In 2008, Nazrin began to reveal her photographic abilities. Flat Echo is a set of ten paintings, each of which has two distinct self-supporting pictures. Their self-aware goal is to define subliminal collaboration between the artist and the topic, which is brought together by the flat echo. Nazrin decided to join YARAT Contemporary Art Space as a participant of the organizing team in 2012 after a temporary absence from the art scene. Through her work Caspian Project, the artist shows her concerns regarding environmental issues, which is one of mankind's most significant challenges in the twenty-first century. The Caspian project is produced by using water from the Caspian sea, steel, cement, and glass. It invites the viewer to pay attention to a detrimental problem of the decrease of water level in the Caspian Sea, resulting in serious consequences. The installation which was displayed in Baku's old city was not merely an aesthetic creation but also functioned as a reminder that the Caspian Sea originally encompassed the land where today's dynamic and rapidly rising modern metropolis of Baku stands.

Nazrin's work is a critical investigation of the environment, mankind, people, and personality. She accomplishes this by fusing her own method, which she established via the aforementioned aspects and their content, with her personal attitude and interests, which she communicates through multiple media. The creator is also not hesitant to go from one concept's extremity to the next, allowing for a range of interpretations.


From the series Candy Mountains of Altiagach, 2014
Print on plexiglass, aluminum, holographic paper
150 х 100 cm