Rashad Alakbarov

Born in 1979 | Baku, Azerbaijan


2001:  Faculty of Decorative Arts, Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Art

Rashad Alakbarov is a Baku-based artist who has experience in diverse media such as installation, painting, sculpture, theatrical, decoration, architectural design, and video art. Later, he mainly focused on the interactive and unique installations that the artist is now known for. Those installations create a shadow when projected light onto and reflect various visuals such as silhouettes of people or cities, eastern geometrical patterns, and texts on the wall. Such installations that are the central point of the artist's creative work were first exhibited in the exhibition “Wings of Time” in 2000. Alakbarov has been recognized and exhibited in international festivals and art fairs. His works are held in private collections in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Italy, and Russia.
The works of Alakbarov are great in size occupying considerable space while being figurative in shape and exhibiting the chaotic presence of numerous objects that installations are made of. The artist uses inanimate objects such as thrown-away plastic bottles, welded steel, wood, and plexiglass letters. The twisted character of his work is playful yet achieves to create a subtle dual nature inviting the viewer to question reality, our perception of it, and the contrasting relationship between seen and meant. The texts appearing on the walls through his installations sometimes speak with us with sentences such as “This too shall pass”, “Look deeper” and “Try to save” which add up to the criticizing and humoristic nature of his work. Artist explores topics like global and environmental problems stemming from the increasing tendency of humanity toward consumerism. Exhibitions “012 Baku Public Art” project and the “Themis” installation, “Foreword” and “The Other City” weigh significance in his artistic development.
Rashad has been commissioned by Hennessey and National Geographic to work on a research-based project inspired by the influence of the historical Silk Road on people living along it. 



“Lion of Fuzuli”, 2015
Bricks, engraved metal, iron base
700 x 350 x 85 cm

“Do Not Fear”, 2015
Various metal, plexiglass, light source
250 x 150 x 130 cm

Made in China, 2007
Installation, mixed media
Exhibition section: Azerbaijan today

Two Perspectives of a city, 2002