Samir Salahov      
Born in 1989 | Donetsk, Ukraine


Samir Salahov is motivated by his Azerbaijani background, Baku, and his art examines the daily lives and societal patterns of regular people. His art frequently engages with Azerbaijani culture in a satirical and hilarious manner, expressing human and animal creatures in his signature style of strong graphic patterns, vibrant colors, and accentuated characteristics to represent their characteristics. He generally works with painting, street art, graphics, and installation.
In 2016, he exhibited "Artist Between the Nails," an ambitious individual exhibit at Baku's Center for Contemporary Art. The exhibit featured a mix of pop anthropology and a philosophical investigation of culture and identity from a conceptual standpoint. Samir's artistic personality was painted with his lengthened pinkie nail, a popular Azerbaijani machismo street style affectation, creating a fascinating contrast between low and high culture. He delved into the long nail's mystique, finally penning his own account of the style that included proverbs and the tale of The Long Nail Club.
He was requested to design a big wall mural depicting all of the drivers influenced by Azerbaijani culture for the 2018 Formula One race, which was displayed in Bulvar Park. He was later welcomed to paint his 5-story painting, 'Prairie Dream' as part of the Urban Fest Astana 2018 in Astana, Kazakhstan, which was done in July and is currently on exhibit. The shorts, which are available on Facebook and YouTube, take a jocular and ironic glance at gender and culture. His animated project is a development of his art approach, providing a broader platform for the examination of the people and ideas he explores in his work, promising to expand his perceptive and fascinating perspective on Azerbaijani society.
Group and solo exhibition list 2019: “Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan” | Group, Tardino6 Pavilion, Contemporary Istanbul | Istanbul, Turkey
2019: “THE THEFT OF FIRE” | Group | Kappelhaus, Goethe Zentrum Baku | Baku, Azerbaijan
2019: “LONGING FOR YOU PROVES MORE LOYALTY THAN YOURSELF”Solo | Tardino 6 | Baku, Azerbaijan
2018: “Germanaijan. German Heritage and Architecture in Azerbaijan” | Group | Kappelhaus  Baku, Azerbaijan
2018: “ANIMAFILM - 1st Baku International Animation Festival” | The winner of "The Best Azerbaijani Short Animated Film" | Baku, Azerbaijan
2018: “Nasimi Festival” | Urban-community art project | Gala warehouse | Baku, Azerbaijan
2018: “Urban Fest Astana” | Street art festival | Astana, Kazakhstan
2017: “4 - Yarat Academy Exhibition” | Group | ARTIM Project Space | Baku, Azerbaijan
2017: “Art Prospect Urban Olum” | Public Art Festival | Baku, Azerbaijan
2017: “Cartier Juste Un Clou” | Group | YAY Gallery | Baku, Azerbaijan
2016: “Artist Between The Nails” | Solo | Center of Contemporary Art | Baku, Azerbaijan
2016: “In This City Of Bright Fires” | Group | ARTIM Project Space | Baku, Azerbaijan
2015: “Candy Mountains Oil Coasts” | Group | PERMM | Perm, Russian Federation
2015: “A Burgeoning Collection” | Group | Maraya Art Centre | Sharjah, UAE
2014: “ASTAR” at “A TIME FOR DREAMS 4th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art” Group | Museum of Modern Art | Moscow, Russian Federation
2014: “From Waste To Art” III International Exhibition | Group | Qala Settlement, Baku, Azerbaijan
2013: “ZAVOD” | Group | “Bakond” Air Conditioner Factory | Baku, Azerbaijan
2013: “Batumi Backyard Stories” Public Art Festival | Group | Batumi, Georgia
2010: “Art Bazaar” | Group | “Veten” Cinema | Baku, Azerbaijan


“Perfect Wound”, 2019
Video & sound, one channel, digital animation | 00:02:00 | 2019 | Japanese Language

“Murals”, 2017-2019

“Artist between the Nails” solo exhibition, 2016
Center for Contemporary Art

“Wishing you the same”, 2013
Site-specific installation with bride and groom table| various dimensions

From a series Bon appetit. 2013
Mixed technique, paper
36 х 30 cm