Sharaf Naghiyeva

Born in 1990 | Baku, Azerbaijan

Based Tbilisi, Georgia



Her photographs' major subject is the humans, who express themselves through portrait, fashion, or naked photography. Sharaf had attempted with a basic film camera. It was something of a diversion. The alluring magical rituals in the darkroom created unflinchingly real pictures. Since then, she has increased the use of digital sensors. In photography, experience is merely secondary to enthusiasm and aspiration, according to Sharaf. At the onset of her adventure, she used her friends and acquaintances as study subjects and shot film nonstop.

She co-founded f3.7, a photographers' union, with Emin Mathers in order to exchange fascinating summaries, online exhibitions, and other photography-related news. She previously took part in the international conceptual art festival "Maiden Tower" and is currently developing photography tales for the Chaikhana Media platform.

Sharaf views portraiture as a conversation with life. A hint, a gesture, or a brief glance is all that is required to complete the image. Shots that have been well planned and executed seem to lack any real liveliness. Sharaf decides to trust fate and her instincts in order to get the proper depth and angle in the viewfinder. 


In a memory of summer, 2022

“In my room” series, 2022

Feeling blue, 2021