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Database of artists from Azerbaijan created in order to support the promotion of the Azerbaijani contemporary art scene in the international arena, we develop this online database for local artists, regardless of their gender, sex, race, and cultural-social-political views. More than 150 cultural workers including but not limited to painters, sculptors, video artists, curators, researchers, photographers, directors from contemporary and post-modern movements, is indented to be online and updated yearly.

ARTAZ has been initiated by the critical discussions platform Çağdaşçılar.’ Founded by Agil Abdullayev in 2020, the parent platform aims to create a safe space that targets problems cultural workers face in their practices, focusing on the lack of education within the art community and diversity and inclusion in the cultural sector. We use artistic discussions for sparring social change, community-based artmaking, artists’ reunion, urbanism, and finding solutions to environmental problems. In addition to activities that can contribute to civil society, space, which has no alternative in a broader sense, will provide an opportunity for marginalised artists and cultural workers. “Çağdaşçılar” aims to implement diverse projects focusing on bringing back the virtues of contemporary art and its influence on societal problems into focus by challenging the censorship activities carried out by those in power. Given that contemporary art is considered to be a prerogative of the elitist community in Azerbaijan, it additionally focuses on creating a connection between the local art scene and community building.

edition 1 (2020-23) team

Nigar Baghirzade, Rafiga Seyidova
ediors: Agil Abdullayev, Mehin Mammadova, Tukazban Collective 
advisory board: Aysel Akhundova, Lala Aliyeva, Olga Seleznyova