Afag Akberova

Born in 1992 | Turkmenistan


2022: MA in Painting, Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts
2016: BA, Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts
2012: College named after Azim Azimzade

Straddling a nebulous boundary between abstraction and figuration, Afag's paintings offer perspective into the ways we move through the world, translating our everyday experiences and the often overlooked visual devices and objects that surround us, from a cross to a hairdryer, into vibrant fields of color and expressionistic shapes. The anchor for many of her paintings’ compositions is a recurring motif of two figures interacting with one another in a surreal domestic space — the interactions oscillating between seemingly tender care or something potentially harsher or more transactional. While the figurative content of Afag Akbarova's works is intentionally open-ended and non-linear, the emotional mood of the paintings is driven by the artist’s intuitive use of color, from acidic greens to warm saccharin yellows to pulsating reds.

2021: Historic Victory
2021: An exhibition on the 44-day war
2021: Thought
2022: Union of Artists
2022: Emotions
2022: Inspiration
2022: Charity exhibition, Carpet Museum

Clown Painting, 2021
Painting, Oil on Canvas
50 W x 70 H x 0.1 D cm

Rural life Painting, 2020
Painting, Oil on Canvas
70 W x 90 H x 0.1 D cm

No name Drawing, 2022
Drawing, Graphite on Canvas
85 W x 100 H x 3 D cm

Dreamer, 2021

Protectress, 2022