Aghaali Sadirli

Born in 2001 | Ismailli, Azerbaijan
Based in Sumgayit, Azerbaijan


2023: Chemistry and biology teacher, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
2022: Director, Screenwriter, Filmlab of Debut Film Studio, Baku, Azerbaijan

2017: Summer School, Yarat Contemporary Art School, Baku, Azerbaijan

Aghaali Sadirli is a young artist born in 2001 in the Ismayilli district of Azerbaijan. His artistic journey began in 2014 when he was admitted to the summer school organized by Yarat. There, he was introduced to the secrets of documentary photography by Sitara Ibrahimbeyli, and it ignited a passion for the medium in him. Even at the age of 15, his photos were exhibited in the group exhibition organized by Yarat, showcasing his innate talent and potential.
In 2018, Aghaali was admitted to the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University to study chemistry and biology at the request of his family. However, he continued his pursuit of documentary photography alongside his studies. In 2019, he created his first documentary photo project about the village of Khinalig, located at an altitude of 2350 m. The project highlighted the difficulties faced by the people living there in the post-modern era, and his photos were exhibited at the Baku Photography House. This project marked a significant milestone in his career, and it furthered his interest in the medium.
In 2019, Aghaali started working at the “Var-Yox” cultural portal, where he explored the relationship between documentaries and documentary photography. He created several documentaries such as “The Soviet Union has collapsed, Grandma!”, “Sadarak”, “Student House”, and “Oil”. These documentaries delved into various social issues, and through his lens, Aghaali aimed to bring awareness and inspire change.

In 2021, Aghaali started working in the medical marketing sector and created his second documentary photo project titled, “Beauty requires sacrifice!”. This project explored people’s concepts of beauty, their causes, and solutions, and aimed to challenge societal norms surrounding beauty. Aghaali’s ability to use his medium to start dialogues on pressing social issues is commendable and showcases his maturity as an artist.

In 2022, Aghaali was admitted to the INTERACT film laboratory organized by the “DEBUT” film studio, where he studied screenwriting, directing, and cinematography. During his time there, he wrote the script for his first feature film, “Dance of Death of the Virgin”. The film explores the themes of death and love and is currently in the production stage. This new medium of storytelling allows Aghaali to showcase his vision in a new light and expand his artistic horizons.

Aghaali’s artistic journey is a testament to his dedication and passion for documentary photography and film. His ability to capture the essence of societal issues through his lens and create a dialogue about them is commendable. His future plans include studying the visual arts, showcasing his determination to grow and learn as an artist. Aghaali Sadirli is undoubtedly an artist to watch out for in the years to come.


2022 “ STUDENT HOME” and “ SADARAK” screenings in the Nizami film center, Debut film studios, Baku, Azerbaijan
2020 “FOTOMƏN” Group Exhibition, Carpet Museum, Baku Azerbaijan
2019 Baku Photo  2019, Group Exhibition, Baku Photography House, Baku
2018 "This is us" group exhibition, Association of Azerbaijani photographers, Baku
2014 BACARA Project, Group Exhibition, YARAT Contemporary Art Centre, Baku, Azerbaijan