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ARTIM Project Space is an initiative that aims to provide a platform for young Azerbaijani artists to showcase their creative works and grow as professionals. The project was established in 2017 by the Yarat Contemporary Art Space, aimed to make ARTIM a leading cultural initiative in Azerbaijan for emerging contemporary artists.

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The ARTIM Project Space is located in Icheri Sheher, the historic center of Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan. The space is a designated exhibition area that offers young artists the opportunity to experiment with different art forms and media and display their works in a professional setting. The space also hosts various educational and cultural events, such as workshops, artist talks, and film screenings, which are open to the public.

One of the main goals of the ARTIM Project Space is to support and encourage emerging talent in Azerbaijan's art scene. The project seeks to provide young artists with the necessary resources, guidance, and exposure to develop their skills and establish themselves as professionals. The project's team comprises experienced curators, artists, and educators who work closely with the participants to help them create meaningful and engaging works of art.

@Facebook Page of ‘ARTIM Project Space’

@Facebook Page of ‘ARTIM Project Space’
The ARTIM Project Space offers various programs and opportunities for young Azerbaijani artists to get involved. The most prominent of these is the ARTIM Residency program, which invites young artists to spend three months in residence at the space, where they can create new works, exchange ideas with other artists, and receive feedback and support from the project's team. The residency program covers the artists' living and working expenses and provides them with a stipend.

Another program offered by the ARTIM Project Space is the ARTIM Lab, which is a series of workshops and training sessions aimed at developing the artists' technical skills and knowledge of different art forms and media. The lab covers topics such as painting, sculpture, photography, video art, performance art, and curatorial practices. The lab's participants are selected through an open call process and receive a certificate upon completion of the program.

In addition to the residency and lab programs, the ARTIM Project Space also organizes exhibitions, events, and collaborations with other art institutions and organizations in Azerbaijan and abroad. The project's team works to create opportunities for the young artists to showcase their works and establish connections with the wider art world. The ARTIM Project Space has become a hub for young Azerbaijani artists to meet, collaborate, and share their experiences and ideas.

The ARTIM Project Space has been instrumental in promoting and supporting emerging talent in Azerbaijan's art scene. The project has helped many young artists to establish themselves as professionals, gain recognition, and pursue their careers in the arts. The project has also contributed to the cultural and social development of Azerbaijan by providing a space for artistic expression, exchange, and dialogue.

the ARTIM Project Space is a valuable initiative that plays a crucial role in nurturing and supporting young Azerbaijani artists. The project provides a platform for experimentation, learning, and professional development, as well as opportunities for exposure and recognition. The ARTIM Project Space has become a beacon of hope and inspiration for young artists in Azerbaijan, and it is a testament to the country's growing and vibrant contemporary art scene.