Atanur Nabiyeva

Born and raised in Baku, Azerbaijan



2019: Radio Television and Cinema, Istanbul University 
Documentary filmmaking,  DOC NOMADS Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree

As a grant-aided student of Turkey Scholarships, she earned her BA in Radio Television and Cinema at Istanbul University in 2019. Atanur Nabiyeva, one of the creators of Azerbaijan's first international women's documentary film festival, is currently involved in arranging numerous filmmaking activities in the country's many regions. Kirshan is her debut feature-length film. Atanur is also the director of some short documentaries, including “Clothes”, and “Grey Zone”.

Grey zone was shot in 2021. Citizens in the country began to split into pro-war and anti-war groups with the beginning of the second Nagorno-Karabakh War. Those who opposed the war were marginalized and vilified by the community.

During the conflict, Atanur Nabiyeva, the film's director, encountered a similar predicament and wanted to record how the relationship played out in her family. Following the bombing of certain villages, relatives on the frontlines temporarily came to the Nabiyev family's home. The creator placed herself as a neutral party to this war, and wanted to explore larger conflict-related queries such as "Who is right?" "Is it worth human death?" "Could there be another solution to the conflict?" Her quest for answers occasionally resulted in disagreement with her parents. Atanur refused to follow her parents' opinions without hesitation, and her attitude has annoyed them to the point where she feels "alienated" inside the family.

Clothes (2019)
Kirshan (2019) [Best Local Documentary award of DokuBaku 2020]
Grey Zone (2021)


“Grey Zone” short documentary film
33 min 50 sec, 2021

full film available here:

“Kirshan” short documentary film 13 min, 2021

full film available here: