Behzad Ahmadov

Born in 1988 | Baku, Azerbaijan

2010: BA Science, Baku State University 

He studied science at Baku State University. Later, he attended the International Film and Television School of Paris (EICAR), where he made his thesis project “The Sleepwalkers”. After graduating, Behzad returned to his hometown where he has been working ever since as a freelance screenwriter. He has written three feature film scripts, including “Documentarian” (2015), “To Find a Woman” (2016), and “Harami” (2018.) Also, he is a member of the Azerbaijani state Film Studio with which he made a documentary about the Karabakh war hero Rohshan Huseynov.


Second unit director of “the Pipers”, 2013
15 minutes

Second unit director of “Horla”, 2015
11 minutes

Writer of “Waiting for a cab”