Eltaj Zeynalov

Born in 1986 | Baku, Azerbaijan


Eltaj started off experimenting with photography before becoming more serious about it. Zeynalov frequently shoots photos in the city where he was raised. Numerous honors, both domestically and internationally, have been given in recognition of his photographs. His photographs can be accessed in several private, public, and business collections. The photographer is deeply involved in social concerns and works with those who are mentally and physically disabled. At the moment, Eltaj focuses primarily on long-term personal projects, corporate work, and editorials.
His art primarily incorporates human emotions. He chose the topic because he is interested in concepts related to humans. He also aims to achieve in his work a kind of sensory directness reminiscent of primal emotions while tackling important concepts like memory, eros, mortality, and agony. Eltaj makes an effort to be in tune with their inner feelings when he shoots pictures of them. Zeynalov is eager to express their true feelings through his artwork. He aspires to tap into the potent uncertainties of pleasure and suffering in artworks making people investigate their chaotic interiors by using unclear, trimmed perspectives of the human body.


Sumgait, 2022

Imperfections, 2021 
29.7 x 42 cm

November, 2021

Investigation, 2019/2021