Elvin Hajizada

Born in 1979 | Siyazan, Azerbaijan


Elvin has been boxing since he was a young child. In addition to winning medals in numerous Republican events, he had a deep passion for music. He can play the piano and accordion, and he took part in the "7-17" Television Music Competition. He also works as an street photographer. Elvin has been practicing this art for two years and is currently employed by the "Socar" corporation as an engineer for control measuring devices in the department responsible for exporting gas. He painted natural scenes like the sea and mountains for the first time.
According to Elvin Hajizada, the photo should be evaluated by human feelings. He said that he was learning something from them and thinking of studying in this field.


Rainy Day, 2022

Morning in Siyazan, 2022

When the paths diverge, 2021