Emil Macnun  
Born in 1995 | Baku, Azerbaijan

Contact: emilmecnun@gmail.com

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Graphic Design and Visual Communication, Academia Italiana

Emil Macnun is a graffiti artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. Also known for a Moosem street tag, Emil Macnun is one of the most important and leading representatives of street art in Baku, Azerbaijan. (See also: Azer Mammadli). The artist has participated in public art festivals, workshops, and exhibitions. Since 2016, he has collaborated with the VarYox art platform. Emil Macnun was one of the co-founders of Bunker Artground together with Samir Salahov and Vusal Rahim. The place was an underground art space that provided visiting artists a studio space helping to create a collaborative scene in Baku street art.

Emil predominantly works on street art and paints drawings on the walls of Baku streets. Within the scope of some art events, the artist has visited regions of Azerbaijan such as Sheki and Khinalig and painted graffiti there as well. The artist has traveled a lot and performed their art practice abroad as well.

A vivid and wide range of colors such as blue, pink, green, and orange is dominant in Emil Macnun’s work. The artist uses a mixture of sharp and soft lines and shapes together with bold colors and fonts creating a contrasting effect. Despite the maximalist style used, his works are neat, systematic, and visually balanced, which can be attributed to the artist’s designer background.

In addition to the immense work done on the urban landscape of Baku over the years, Emil also practices digital art, and paintings on paper, canvas, and other surfaces. The artist turned some illustrations into stickers and limited edition t-shirts. The character illustrations of the artist are a bit humorous and give a modernized interpretation of the local people.

The humorous nature of the artist’s personality can also be seen in the “tagging” practice that he has been practicing for years. Emil Macnun marks objects and walls on the street with artist’s signature moosem and stickers he produced, leaving traces behind all over Baku streets. If you have ever walked through the central streets, you have probably passed by, and may be seen (if you were attentive to the surroundings) those tags and stickers.

Commissioned works of Emil in Baku include murals at Bool Bool Dog, Debut Film Studios, Coffee Go, BİR İKİ Döner Shop, iN Club Baku, Barista & Chef, Ay Qonshu restaurant, etc.

2018: First Baku Street Art tour
2017: Medeni Niyyet, refugee camp workshop, Baku
2016: “Tattoo Convention Florence”, Fabrikaffiti at Fabrika Tbilisi
2016: “Meeting of Styles” Milan (2015, 2016)
2013: “The World is Mine, the World is Yours” exhibition, Kicik Gala Gallery, Baku


Tea poster,  2015

One of Emil’s street artworks, 2021 

Ograshiks, 2020

Lounge, 2020