Farah Piriyeva

Born in 1990 | Baku, Azerbaijan

Based in London, UK


Education: 2011: History of Fine and Decorative Arts, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London (master) 
2017: Curation, Culture, and Criticism, Central Saint Martin’s (master) 

Farah Piriye is a London-based freelance modern art curator and co-founder of the ZEITGEIST19 podcast. Farah's essays have appeared in a number of art and online magazines and catalogs, and she presents at international cultural symposiums on a regular basis. Farah has also co-founded ZEITGEIST19, a non-profit research-driven socio-cultural podcast focusing on art and sustainable development, which hosts discussions and releases podcast series with formed and evolving cultural professionals (including Ibrahim Mahama, Nina Yashar, Formafontasma, Maria Thereza Alves, and Arturo Galansino) about culture and its socio-environmental influence.

Farah Piriye's curatorial work concentrates on worldwide conversations and the ways in which history, migration, memory, identification, and other social pressures have affected contemporary realities. Through theoretical study and socially relevant art initiatives, her work strives to investigate challenges of borders and freedom, while also researching linkages between diverse disciplines and modes of expression in order to disrupt conventional definitions and forms.

Farah's definition of art is Carl Jung's "Nothing could be worse than to be totally understood." She thinks it's depressing when someone stares at a piece of art on a wall and it informs them everything... It isn't supposed to be... Farah described art as a phenomenon that leads us the route to this secret subconscious world of irrationality, with no frontiers or landmarks, a place exclusively of beauty, when she initially started her blog... that was the last moment Piriyeva attempted to describe art.

Her curatorial practice started at Sotheby’s Auction House, where she co-curated the ‘Unseen Salakhov’ exhibition (2009), as well as consulted its Russian Department on regional sales. Later she trained at Alon Zakaim Fine Art Gallery; Opera Gallery; and curated several exhibitions in the UK, entitled “Javad” at Sotheby’s, “Exploring Inward” at Louise Blouin Foundation, and “Faces of Freedom” at Asia House. Farah’s writings appear in several offline and online publications and catalogs, and she regularly participates in international cultural symposiums as a speaker. Due to her focus on the Iranian contemporary art scene, Farah was invited to co-curate ‘The fragile Frontiers' international group show at YARAT Contemporary Art Space in Baku (2019), with 16 participating artists and 7 site-specific commissions, and was actively involved in the exhibition’s educational and public programs. Her latest exhibitions she curated in London in February 2020 and April 2021 at Gazelli Art House, entitled“Ashraf Murad/Farkhad Khalilov. The New Verge” and “The Dust Became the Breath”, showing the work of one of the most radical and influential female artists in the post-Soviet environment - Aidan Salakhova. From the start of the pandemic, Farah was appointed a co-curator of an ongoing Italian online exhibition called Abbi Cura Di Te.


From the “Fragile frontiers” exhibition, 2019-2020 YARAT Centre (National Flag Square), Bayil, Baku, Azerbaijan

Artists include: Nazgol Ansarinia, Kamrooz Aram, Dadbeh Bassir, Samira Eskandarfar, Ghazaleh Hedayat, Samira Hodaei, Gelare Khoshgozaran, Robin Mandel, Ali Momeni, Timo Nasseri, Jaleh Nesari, Navid Nuur, Leila Pazooki, Sara Rahbar, Neda Razavipour and the old master Mirza Kadym Irevani.

The New Verge Ashraf Murad/Farhad Akhmedova
Gazelli Art House, London
28 February - 4 April 2020

The Dust Became the Breath, Aidan Salakhova
Gazelli Art House, London
29 April - 6 June 2021

Exploring Inward. Faig Ahmed and Aida Mahmudova
Louise Blouin Foundation, London, UK
27 Jan- 6 February 2015
Organised and commissioned by BUTA festival with kind support from YARAT

A Land Where Other People Live
Sixty-Six London
2-6 March 2022