Fidan Karimli Toccacieli

Born in 1992 | Baku, Azerbaijan


Education:2022:  Master in Sustainability Transition Management,  University of Bologna
2017: Bachelor of Science Major in Environmental Science, Carleton University

Born and raised in Baku until the age of 21, Fidan has been always passionate about capturing moments and her surroundings in photographs. Her journey to photography began at the age of 13 after discovering different online forums where photography enthusiasts could share their works and learn from each other. As a teenager, she found herself paying attention to details surrounding her which others usually bypassed. These were places, people and objects that touched her emotionally and left an impression at that given moment.

In 2013, Fidan moved to Canada to continue her education and today finds herself in Florence, Italy. All the places she lived in give her a new perspective and meaning of the world around her which she expresses through her photography. After 10 years living abroad and the nostalgic of home, Fidan is often visiting the moments she captured in the late 2000s and reviving emotions and their meanings today.

A break from crossword,2008

Conversation with baba - 2008 

Summer bazar in Xachmaz, 2009

Endless reconstruction, 2022

The meeting point, 2022