Imam Hasanov

Born in 1980 | Baku, Azerbaijan


2002:  Art and Culture, Baku State University

Imam became a popular director, directing a number of plays at Baku Camera Theater. He began working as a director for a national TV channel in 2006, after completing a documentary film degree at Studio Ateliers Varan. His debut feature documentary is a HOLY COW. In 2012, it won the CAUCADOC BEST PITCH AWARD, and in 2015, it was honored at DOK INCUBATOR. Imam is a BERLINALE TALENT CAMPUS graduate. "Holy Cow" was a participant in the IDFA film festival and was presented there. This was Azerbaijan's first participation in such a large festival.

In Baku, Imam Hasanov formed the independent production organization, Free Art. Author-driven art house movies, as well as creating films with both local and worldwide importance, are supported by Free Art. Imam is also the founder and manager of DokuBaku IDFF, Azerbaijan's first and only global and independent documentary film festival, as well as the founding member and director of the independent cinema-theater "Cx – Cinema&Theater" and the online art platform Doklad iSchool for aspiring Azerbaijani cinematographers.



Director of “Holy Cow”, 2015
1 hour 17 minutes

Director of “The Hope”, 2016
17 minutes 18 seconds
The full video is available here: