Intigam Aghayev 

Born in 1966 | Sumgayit, Azerbaijan


1989: Azerbaijan State Art School named after Azim Azimzade

Intigam Agayev is a painter living and working in Sumgayit. His work has been exhibited in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, and Turkey. Since 2012, Agayev has been a member of the Azerbaijan Union of Artists.

From his early childhood, Intigam Agayev was keen on drawing, and his murals in those days were the walls of their summer house located near the sea. Living in the coastal region, the artist's inspiration mainly comes from nature, more specifically, the landscape of Absheron. He describes himself as a pioneer of the Absheron art scene, which is mainly characterized by the heavy use of bright and vivid colors as a central point of the painting. In Agayev’s work, his admiration for nature is evident from the fresh landscape, and lively scenes of people, birds, and animals depicted in his paintings. He describes this admiration as follows:

"...I was born and raised in Sumgait, and all my childhood passed on the seacoast of our beloved Caspian. I remember this tart smell of the sea, a little salty, a little burning, which cannot be confused with anything. Even being far abroad, the picture of the Caspian Sea never leaves me. The golden sands of Absheron are an indescribable beauty that I try to convey on my canvases..."

The artist achieves a calming effect throughout all his paintings by the use of warm colors, elements from nature, and emotions relating to peaceful human experiences such as dancing, singing, resting, etc. His signature in paintings is “Asiman '', which means the blue sky. According to the artist's words, it was his callsign for communicating with soldiers during the first Nagorno Karabagh war he volunteered to go to in 1992. Some of his paintings are devoted to war, however, he avoids the use of dark and gloomy colors in those paintings as well and does not show the disturbing cruelty of war. "The war has its own colors. Aggression and cruelty have no place in painting," says the artist.

Exhibitions and Events:
2009:“Caspain Colors”, State Art Gallery, Sumgayit, Azerbaijan 
2010:“The color of pain, joy, and hope” Personal Exhibition, Art Gallery, Sumgayit, Azerbaijan
2011:“Black&White”, The Museum Centre, Baku, Azerbaijan 
An exhibition dedicated to Solidarity Day of World Azerbaijanis, Moscow, Russia 
2011:“Free World of colors”, Art Gallery, Sumgayit, Azerbaijan 
2011:“Dreams of Woman”, Art Villa Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan 
2011:“Sport Art”, The Museum Centre, Baku, Azerbaijan 
2012:“Unusual Day”, Gallery Art Villa, Baku, Azerbaijan 
2012:“Exhibition of Azerbaijani Artists in Georgia”, Tbilisi, Georgia
2012:“Season Opening”, Creative Center, Baku, Azerbaijan 
2012:“Khojali”, Union of Artists of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan 
2013:“Oil&Art”, SOCAR Tower, Baku, Azerbaijan
2013:“Lights of Baku”, 1969 Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan  
2013:“Exhibition of Fighter Artists”, Union of Artists of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan 
2013:“Asiman” – Personal Exhibition, Art Villa Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan  
2013:“Art Festival”, Art Gallery, Sumgayit, Azerbaijan 
2014:“Pisces”, The Museum Centre, Baku, Azerbaijan 
2014:“Nakhchivan is the cradle of humanity” II International Exhibition, Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan 
2014:“Save if you can!” Charitable Exhibition, Vienna Art Center, Baku, Azerbaijan  
2015:“Khojali Massacre” Personal exhibition, The Museum of History, Sumgait, Azerbaijan 
2015:“The Color of Coffee”, Museum Centre, Baku, Azerbaijan 
2016:“My memories” Personal exhibition, Vajiha Samadova Exhibition Hall, Baku, Azerbaijan  
2016:“Nakhchivan is the cradle of humanity” III International Exhibition, Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan 
2017:I International Art Workshop, Samsun, Turkey 
2017:Sufi Art Workshop, House of Turkish-Russian Friendship, Ankara, Turkey  
2017:Week of Culture and Art, Başkent University, Ankara, Turkey
2018:“Colors of Absheron” Personal Exhibition, Art Gallery Akhundov House, Tbilisi, Georgia  


Height above sea level, 2014
Oil on canvas


Sweet Dreams, 2016

One cup of coffee Painting, 2013
Painting, Oil on Canvas
60 W x 80 H x 2 D cm

Fishermen Painting, 2012
Painting, Oil on Canvas
80 W x 50 H x 2 D cm

Goddess Painting, 2016
Painting, Oil on Canvas
80 W x 70 H x 2 D cm