Khalid Zeynalov 

Based in Baku, Azerbaijan


Before deciding to specialize in photography, Khalid practiced in almost every field. ranging from a waiter to a policeman. But none of them satisfied him from the spiritual point of view, not material interest, because he could not enjoy work. He looked at photography as an ordinary hobby, and later it turned into a love. 
There was a big difference between the photographs shot when he started this profession and recently. Like many other jobs, when he first started photography, he took amateur photos, but as he gained experience in the field, he began to shot more professional ones.
Although Khalid is known in the country, few people can consider him as a fine art photographer. He has just left the country for a while and needs some time to build international projects.
Khalid's approach to exhibitions is very critical. That is, in his opinion, if any person wants to make an exhibition, he should approach it very carefully, he should not make an exhibition of every photo taken. The exhibition should contain elements that prevent visitors from leaving after ten minutes of entering, eating, and drinking. He thinks that he is not ready for the exhibition yet.
In fact, Khalid is not considered as a fully qualified professional; he still has a lot to learn. He advises the young: "if you have chosen this profession, be patient. Learn, go abroad and develop. Do not assume that you can operate with a camera and everything is ready, well, it's not at all."


Soldier, 2022

Room, Isometric scene