Nadir Eminov
Born 1990 | Sumgayit, Azerbaijan

Based Baku, Azerbaijan


2012: Faculty of Sculpture, Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts

Nadir creates sculptures, videos, and installations. He addresses a wide range of topics, including human and universe, human psychology, and phantasies, in addition to a multilateral range of topics. The artist has also taken part in a number of exhibitions and projects.

From Waste to Art (2015, Gala, Azerbaijan), Origin (2014, Kichik GalArt, Baku, Azerbaijan), Invasion (2014, Azerbaijan State Art Musem, Baku, Azerbaijan), Comfortably Numb group exhibition, Between the Sea and Mountains and many more were among the exhibitions in which Eminov took part.

In between the Sea and Mountains, Nadir Eminov's "Bahram Gur and the Beast" installation expresses his dissatisfaction with current reconstruction and remodeling projects in Baku. Kitsch culture, according to the artist, is the desire to fill up public areas with meaningless ornamental stones.

The artist exhibited the “Wound” work in the Comfortably Numb group exhibition. The work Wound is focused on the appropriate and/or inappropriate usage of aglay stone in Baku's contemporary architecture. The use of this stone has changed the design of architectural masterpieces, residential structures along the city's major roads and avenues, and many historic and ancient structures in the Old City, which is designated as a "historical and architectural reserve." The artist compares the material to a wound that seeps out "from every hole" around us.


'Fracture', 2016
From 'Would' project
Aghlai (limestone)
Various dimensions