Narmin Zey

Born in 2001 | Baku, Azerbaijan

2022: Architecture, Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University

Narmin Zey is a Baku-based photographer and visual artist who developed a body of work encompassing experimental photography, video installations, and portraits. She takes inspiration mainly from poetry, modern art, and the masters of pictorialism. By testing the new horizons of photography, she focuses on taking unorthodox photos and asks the viewer to distinguish what is real. Her aim with installations is to use very ordinary elements and transform the viewer into fictional universes. After graduating from the university, her interest in cinema pushed her to make movies. She has worked on various short movies as a cinematographer and is currently working on a documentary called “Ray of Sunshine”.

2021: Monochrome:Yellow to Green, Baku
2021: Presence, Baku

Synchronized, 2021

Study of colorand feelings, photo series, 2021

Projection, 2021
Video installation

Paralel worlds, 2020