Orkhan Adigozel   
Born in 1996 | Baku, Azerbaijan



2017: Land structure, land city cadastre, Baku State University

Orkhan Adigozelov is a Baku-based self-taught filmmaker working on short movies and documentaries, as well as commercial assignments. Apart from filmmaking, he practices photography and videography as well.
Having studied a different profession – ecology, Orkhan’s involvement with cinema started on the set of a movie where he and his friend were helping their other friends in movie production. Since then, Adigozelov writes, directs, and produces shorts. His first short feature film “Choice” was shot in 2016 and in the same year, won in the “Best Feature Film '' category in a youth film festival organized by US Embassy in Azerbaijan. In 2017, his “I am writing letters to you” short film was awarded 2nd place in the book trailer festival and his first documentary “Lonely Shepherd” won the “Best Documentary Film” title at Azerbaijan Youth Film Festival. His other short movies ``Maestro” and “In Heaven” were also awarded in several local film festivals. He is best known for his documentary “Save the Salaam '' which illuminates the activist’s fight to save the Salaam Cinema – an alternative cultural center in Baku for artists, which was under the threat of its historical building being destroyed. The documentary shot in a style of direct cinema won the "Jury's special award" at DokuBaku International Documentary Film Festival in Azerbaijan.
Having always worked with short films so far, the artist states that he has no clear intention to shoot long feature movies.
“Sometimes people think that short films are preparation for full-length films. But this is a misconception. Short films are also a branch of cinematography. There are only directors who have made short films until the age of 90. Most likely, I will be one of them.”


“The Lonely Shepherd”, 2018
6 minutes 45 seconds

The full film is available here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/71947321/Tnha-Coban-%28The-Lonely-Shepherd%29-Short-film

“In heaven”, 2018
5 minutes 14 seconds

The full film is available here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/71948597/Cnntd-%28In-heaven%29-Short-film