Orkhan Huseynov

Born in 1978| Azerbaijan


2000: Azerbaijan State Fine Art Academy Faculty of Art History and Theory
1999: Azerbaijan State University of Art & Culture, Faculty of Ceramic Design
1995: A.Azimzade Art College, Faculty of Ceramic Design

Orkhan Huseynov is a Baku-based contemporary artist who grew up in an artist family and studied art. He is working on various media including plexiglass, installation, and video art. The artist frequently refers to the topics and items related to the local culture as an exploration of social issues and human emotions. His early involvement in local art started in 2000 with his participation in the “Wings of Time” exhibition. The artist’s work has also been internationally exhibited in countries such as Turkey, Georgia, Serbia, Czechia, Russia, France, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, the UAE, and the UK. Additionally, in 2014, he was a resident of the Delfina Foundation in London, UK.
Orkhan Huseynov’s work deals and plays with numerous themes and topics. The heavy interest in his country’s culture and tradition can be noticed in his works. His recent works on plexiglass namely “Paradise Gained” and “Muslim Astronaut” derives from the themes essential to Islam – the religion that is dominant in Azerbaijan. In these works, he combines the old and rooted concepts and notions with more modern concepts such as game Tetris, the soft and quirky colors, or ideas that are commonly associated with the west (space travel). The works sometimes are humorous in their nature, while at the same time, presenting a new, innovative, and out-of-the-box look to well-rooted concepts by reconceptualizing them. In previous years, he also translated his ideas to the audience with the use of video as well. Artist’s portfolio includes a variety of works in different mediums, most of which are centered around life in his country and its people, architecture, and landscape.


2017: Dear Beloved. Yarat contemporary Art Space, Baku.
2013: The Office. KicikQalart, Baku
2003: V.Samedova Art Salon Baku, Azerbaijan
2003: Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, Curator: Frans Fontaine
2000: VakifBank, Ankara, Turkey
2000: Humay Azeri Cultural Center. London, UK. Curator: Muslim Eldarov
1999: V.Samedova Art Salon Baku, Azerbaijan

2019: Extensions.AZ: Off the velvet chest
2019: Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Curator: Asli Samadova
2019: The Watchers
2019: The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation. The 8th Floor, New York
2019: Bahith (seeker), Gazelli Art House, London
2015: Meeting Point. Cuadro gallery, Dubai
2014: VIENNAFAIR - Poetics of the Ordinary, Vienna

2013 – 2014
Love Me Love Me Not,  Baku Heydar Aliyev Center. Curator: Dina Nasser-Khadivi
55th Venice Biennale, Love Me Love Me Not, Collateral Event. Curator: Dina Nasser-Khadivi

2012 – 2014
Fly to Baku, Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku
Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, MAXXXI, Rome
ME Collectors, Berlin
Hotel Salomon Rotschild, Paris
Phillips de Pury gallery, London, Curator: Herve Mikaeloff

2011: Fabulous Four, ArtExEast Foundation, Baku.
2010: Ground Floor America Den Frie Centre for Contemporary Art Copenhagen, Curators: WHW (What, How & for Whom)
2010: Aidan Gallery, Moscow. Curators: Aidan Salakhova, Leila Akhundzada.
2009: BakUnlimited exhibition of Azerbaijani art, CULTURESCAPES project, Basel.
2008: Steps of Time - Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani Cultural Year in Germany. Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau, Dresden.
2007: 52nd Venice Biennale - Azerbaijani Pavilion, Curator: Leila Akhundzada
2006: Caucasus. Exhibition of Azeri, Georgian and Armenian artists, Moscow State Center for Contemporary Art. Curator: Vitaliy Patsukov.
2005: Aluminium 2, international festival of contemporary art, Baku. Second Prize.
2004: Metro – International exhibition, Bratislava, Slovakia
2003: INOUT international festival of digital image, Prague, Czech Republic
2003: Last East European Show. exhibition, Belgrade.
2002: Orientalism: Inside & Outside. Contemporary Art Project, Baku. Curator: Leila Akhundzada
2001: Cosmoperformance Contemporary Art Action (In the framework of “New Music From The Last Century” Festival) Baku, Azerbaijan
2000: Wings of Time .Contemporary Art Project, Baku. Curator: Leila Akhundzada.



“Shopfront” series, 2012
Plexiglass; 110 x 80 cm

“Oil and Gas”, 2017
Plexiglass; 64 x 120 cm

“Butterfly Cat”, 2011
Plexiglass; 100 x 88 cm

The War on 30th February 2006
Video, DVD 6:41 min
Exhibition section: Azerbaijan today

Out of Eurostandard, 2001
bread, toaster; dimensions variable