Samira Allahverdiyeva

Born in 1990 | Baku, Azerbaijan

2014: Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Art
2011: Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Art

2008: Germany exhibition (Germany through the eyes of a painter in 3 colors; black, crimson, red)
2008: "one nation, two friends" exhibition in Turkey (honorary diploma)
2008: honorary farman "The night of February 25-26, 1992",
1st place in the 2008 painting competition held by the All-Republic Youth Movement and the Azerbaijan State Academy of Painting.
2009: America through my eyes, Baku Azerbaijan
2009: Exhibition of Turkish-Azerbaijani painters at the Maritime Museum in Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2009: March 8 exhibition, Girl's Castle Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan
2009: 1st degree diploma in the painting competition "Spring 2009" held among Turkic-speaking countries
2010: 1 Qebele international exhibition, Qebele Azerbaijan
2010: Fencing exhibition, Baku Azerbaijan
2010: State event dedicated to Nowruz Bayram, Baku Azerbaijan
2011: At a symposium in Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia
2011: Turkey-Azerbaijan international exhibition. Istanbul Turkey
2012: Museum Center of Venetian Miracles, Baku, Azerbaijan
2013: Winner of Baku lights painting exhibition, 3rd place, Baku Azerbaijan
2013: "Heyder Aliyev is the Architect of the Independent State of Azerbaijan" 3rd place
2017: "Autumn exhibition of Azerbaijani painters" Ag seher gallery. Baku Azerbaijan
2018: "Voice of Karabakh" art exhibition, diploma of distinction
2019: "With the hope of returning to Karabakh" painting exhibition, honorary diploma. In the Mugam International Center
2019: Republican sales exhibition of Azerbaijani painters. Crystal Hall.
2021: "Khari Bulbul" International art Festival April 27-May 7. Heydar Aliyev Foundation. Baku. Azerbaijan

Sweet dream, 2022
oil on canvas
100×95 cm

Pomegranates, 2022
oil on canvas
105 cm diameter

"Azerbaijan carpet and pomegranates", 2022
Oil on canvas
100 ×80 cm

"There is noting that can not be overcome by hard work" (Carpet "Khatai" Karabakh. Azerbaijan. XVII century), 2022
Oil on canvas
120×100 cm