Sanan Aleskerov

Born 1956 | Baku, Azerbaijan


1982: Journalism Faculty, Baku State University

Originally studied and worked in the field of journalism for a while, Sanan Aleskerov is now one of the acclaimed and locally and internationally awarded photographers of Azerbaijan who has been teaching the generation of new photographers the depth of this artistic pursuit for years. He worked as a head of the Artistic Council of the Azerbaijan Association of Photographers from 1999-2009. Apart from having exhibited locally at venues namely Baku Museum of Modern Art and Yay Gallery, his work was exhibited internationally in the UK, Georgia, Russia, Turkey, France, Italy, Norway, etc. within personal exhibitions, art fairs, 55th Venice Biennale, and group exhibitions. His photographs are held in the permanent collections of Salvador Vilaseca Museum, Reus, Spain, the Photographic Library, Surrey, Great Britain, and the Baku Art Centre and Baku MOMA in Azerbaijan. His work is also in private collections in Turkey, the UK, the USA, and across Europe. Currently, he works on commercial projects alongside teaching and mentoring photography in his personal studio located in Baku.

Alaskarov’s photography is highly sentimental, aesthetically pleasing, and diverse in style and topics. The artist has talked about his love and deep connection to the city he lives – Baku and has been a keen observer documenting scenes from Baku. Great photographer Josef Koudelka is a huge inspiration and influence for Sanan Alaskarov as he calls Koudelka “Master” and had an opportunity to photograph together with Joseph in the field. He has extensively worked in black and white focusing on composition, and the use of objects and space. Another focus of the artist is the details of people and places as a way of storytelling. The artist admittedly talked about his skepticism towards digital cameras in the past before switching to them. He describes himself as inconsistent in nature in many ways.

Exhibitions and Events

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“Fourth Dimension”, 1984
“Quick shots” gallery

“Wind”, 2003
“Color memories” galley

Transformation, 1989
Digital print
Exhibition section: USSR-Remix

Fly or crawl - the end is known, 2010
Baku, Azerbaijan

"Kubinka", 2002
Baku, Azerbaijan