Shahin Khalil              
Born in Baku, Azerbaijan

Based in Baku, Azerbaijan


Shahin works as a filmmaker, cinematographer/videographer, and screenwriter in both the film and advertising sectors as an individual producer. His professional background encompasses editorial management and content/social media marketing, in addition to his artistic filmography and commercial promo works. Shahin Khalil did not enter university and began working as soon as he finished high school. Film and literature have always piqued his interest since he was a child. He learned to produce movies by watching cinema, reading books, and shooting. In 2011, Shahin Khalil developed the first electronic cinema journal for Azerbaijani film fans, called "Film Fiction." He is the journal's editor-in-chief and a writer. Khalil is the project coordinator for the book "111 films you must see before you die" (2012). Two short films and a feature-length film are among his achievements. He often shoots commercials and promotional videos for both international and local businesses.


“Poster design for old Azerbaijan movies”, 2022

See the full design here:

“Choice”, 2014
1 hour 24 minutes