Shalala Salamzadeh

Born in Baku, Azerbaijan



2015: Design, Western Caspian University, Baku, Bachelor’s Degree 

Shalala Salamzadeh is an artist whose work focuses on personal psychology in the digital environment, virtual reality, AI, digital aesthetics, and cyber art. She has taught a number of workshops in digital painting in Azerbaijan's different territories. She is presently a part of various art communes in the United States, France, and other regions. She started her professional life because she was interested in computer graphics with 3D visualization and simple programming. Later, she had an exhibit devoted to Khurshidbanu Natavan, Gamar Salamzadeh, and gender roles at Yay Gallery's "Think that everything that exists, does not exist..." exhibit. She engaged in several exhibits with instances of video and digital art after attending the one-year ARTIM Lab program encouraging younger artists. The video art "Poetry of the Universe," which was shown at the Kichik Gala gallery during Azerbaijan's first "Nasimi" Festival in 2018, contained graphical elements created by Nasimi's ghazals in their programming. She was a residential artist at the Yarat Contemporary Art Space in 2019 after being chosen as the champion of the ARTIM Lab program. She exhibited "Superposition," a virtual reality sculpture motivated by the Azerbaijani national narrative and quantum physics studies, at the residents' last exhibition. On that day, she became the 1st Azerbaijani artist to have video and 3D installations in two displays at "The Wrong," the world's biggest virtual biennale.

In her personal statement, she says
“In my works, I explore the psychology of the individual in the digital age, computer technology, and social problems. My artistry encompasses digital art expressed through multimedia such as video, photography, and installations. As a result of my research in the field of computer sciences, I have produced multimodal artworks through data bending. My work is a constant experiment and a search for methods that influence technology to expose it as an animated object.”


“Introspecto”, 2018
Print on manner
“ARTIM Project Space”

“Unknown Territory”, 2018
“Mapping the Intangible” exhibiton

“Poetry of the Universe”, 2018
Nasimi festival