Suad Garayeva - Maleki                       

Born in Baku, Azerbaijan


London School of Economics
Modern and Contemporary Art, Christie’s London  

Suad Garayeva Maleki is a Baku-based curator and the artistic director of Yarat Contemporary Art Centre. Having previously studied economics and finance, she then got into art and specialized in Modern and Contemporary art in London. During her time abroad, she initially worked at the auction house Sotheby’s London, where she curated two insightful and significant exhibitions namely “At The Crossroads: Contemporary Art from the Caucasus and Central Asia” (2013) and “At The Crossroads 2: Contemporary Art from Istanbul to Kabul” (2014). Those exhibitions were essential for creating a cross-cultural dialogue between the artists of the mentioned regions. She also was involved in the curation of the Azerbaijani national pavilion at the 53rd and 54th Venice Biennale. Additionally, her work “The Union of Fire and Water” was exhibited at the 56th Venice Biennale. Besides being a skillful curator working with important international art spaces, Suad is also an important contributor to the contemporary field in Azerbaijan. She has introduced a great number of international contemporary artists to Baku giving them the opportunity and space to showcase their work. The involvement of international artists in Azerbaijan that Suad initiates is not limited to providing an exhibition place. She invites the artists to create art inspired by Azerbaijan – its cultural and geographical aspects. Suad Garayeva also mounted group exhibitions that brought local and international artists’ work together, creating an international dialogue between the pioneers of the global art scene. Most importantly, Suad Garayeva contributes to the exploration and development of the new local artists in the region through the numerous programs and workshops in Yarat.


TAUS MAKHACHEVA CHARIVARI SOLO SHOW, 2019 YARAT Contemporary Art Centre, Baku, Azerbaijan
Curator: Suad Garayeva

FARID RASULOV QURBAN OLUM, Solo exhibition, 2020 YARAT Contemporary Art Centre, Baku, Azerbaijan
Curator: Suad Garayeva