Vusal Rahim

Born in 1987 | Ganja, Azerbaijan

2011: Theatre and decorative design, Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts

The Baku-based artist Vusal Rahim's artistic style straddles conceptual and modern art, exploring interpersonal challenges, sexual orientation, and social themes through a variety of media. His work reflects his passion for performance; His works are focused on humans and their experiences, which he makes emotive and interesting. Powerful women characters frequently appear as the heroines of his canvases, sculptures, and videos, which are typically inspired by Azerbaijan's ancient myths.

Vusal's previous creative work 'Nurcan,' which took place at ARTIM in Baku in 2018, highlighted the unlawful but persistent phenomenon of teenage women getting married before they achieve legal maturity. He scripted a 'black wedding,' a ceremony with the form of a wedding but the imagery of burial, in this work. Vusal's work invites us to examine our place in society as well as the unseen hardships of those around us. Moreover, Vusal investigates social relationships with compassion and concern throughout his art, using his voice as an artist to share underprivileged people's experiences and give voice to emotional problems that are frequently ignored or overlooked. He allows us to perceive ourselves in the situations he offers by employing his own body and urges us to reevaluate how we see our place in the society around us.

Personal exhibition

25.01-11.02-2018: "NURCAN" / Yarat / at the ARTIM Project Space / Baku, Azerbaijan
15-18.05.2017: "MY NAME IS SARAH" /ADO Theatre-Collective / Baku, Azerbaijan
14.06-14.07.2013: "BLACK WOMAN" / YAY! Gallery / Baku, Azerbaijan

Group exhibitions
2017: “4 exhibitions” / Baku, Azerbaijan
16-30.09.2017: “Urban Olum” Art Prospect Public Art Festival / Baku, Azerbaijan
2016: “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ME” experimental performance. /Yarat / at the ARTIM Project Space / Baku, Azerbaijan
24-27.05.2016:Nakhchivan III International Art Festival / Nakhcivan Azerbaijan
2015: “Candy mountains and oil coasts” Exhibition of modern Azerbaijani art held in Perm / Perm, Russia
2015: International PLATONOV ARTS FESTIVAL / Voronezh, Russia
22 May – 17 July 2015: presents Caitlin Aasen (St. Louis) and Vusal Rahim (Baku) DUET Gallery / St. Louis, USA
2014: BACARART project / Baku. Azerbaijan
2014: “Blue Background”, YAY Gallery / Baku, Azerbaijan
2013: Art action "The Circle of Peace" / Tbilisi, Georgia
16-20.06. 2013: II International "From Waste to Art" Gala archeological and ethnographic museum / Baku, Azerbaijan
2013: “Home, sweet home...” / YARAT! Contemporary Art Space, Azerbaijan Cultural Center Paris / Paris, France
2012: Opening Ceremony of Azerbaijan Cultural Center in Paris / Paris, France
2012: “Commonist” Contemporary Art Exhibition, YARAT! Contemporary Art Space / Baku, Azerbaijan
2012: “Energy of Art" / Baku, Azerbaijan
2012: IV International Symposium on Turkic Culture, Art and Cultural Heritage / Milan, Italy
2011: “Iz” (“Trace”), Azerbaijan National Museum of History / Baku, Azerbaijan
2008-2009: Exhibition on theater decorative design and painting / Baku,Azerbaijan


MATRIARCHY Painting, 2013
Painting, Acrylic on Paper
70 W x 99 H x 0.1 D cm

GOLDEN HAIR Painting, 2013
Painting, Acrylic on Canvas
105 W x 145 H x 3 D cm

SHAMAN Painting, 2014
Painting, Acrylic on Canvas
80 W x 120 H x 3 D cm

SHE Painting, 2013
Painting, Oil on Canvas
105 W x 145 H x 3 D cm